Hello! I am a freelance editor in the Boston area.

It started with an 8mm camera in my teens, but after studying filmmaking at B.U and at an N.Y.U. month-long workshop, I got a job as an assistant film editor in 1984. I started as an editor in 1992 and have been free-lancing since 2004. Lately I’ve been using Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve. Previously I’ve edited using Final Cut Pro, Avid systems, the Sony RM440 deck controller, 16mm and 35mm flatbed, and 35mm upright Moviola.

I’ve edited a wide variety of television commercials, campaigns, new business pitches, brand essence videos, sales meeting presentations, behind the scenes videos, promotional pieces, interview cut-downs, online and in-store demos, how-to videos, year-in-review pieces, and hour-long three-camera videos of executives addressing their employees.

My favorite work is editing to music and cutting comedy. And I seem to be good at the problem solving part of editing. If none of the people you interviewed gave you the complete answer you wanted, maybe combining parts of their answers will do the trick. If the talent has a tic of sticking their tongue out in the middle of their dialog, maybe you can just cut out those frames if there’s not a perceptible jump cut (and I’m very sensitive to jump cuts). Even doing this website I had to find the best way to up-res my pre-HDTV commercial work.

I’ve seen a lot of changes in the course of my career, from syncing dailies and pulling negative, to video tape and EDLs, and now to shooting on cards. Editing systems used to cost tens of thousands of dollars. Now if you have a decent computer you can trans-code, edit, adjust color and audio, use effects, animate, and deliver the final product. I’ve branched out into all of these areas (though I do recommend professional color graders, animators, and audio engineers when I think it’s required).

When I’m not editing, I enjoy photography, cooking, films, home-brewing, astronomy, bird-watching, Halloween, and have been known to randomly spout relevant movie quotes.