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Highlights of my association with Telegraph Street Productions
and other free-lance work:

Recent work

TV spots and a video from my long run at Panache Editorial:


The TJ Maxx is a composite of two spots I cut (my favorite scenes from each), and the McDonald's is a version with more people, less food. All others are "as aired".

Info video for Hannaford and Dumas, a printing company in Woburn:

Hannaford and Dumas

Info video about the TuTu Teen Truck for Alere (now Abbott):

TuTu Teen Truck

A trade show video for "Waters" which I cut for Allen & Gerritsen:

Waters video

One particular challenge for the Waters video was creating the tile/fade transition to meet the art director's vision.

Here's a video for Graymatter Agency in Hingham for their client
Cubist Pharmaceuticals, on the day they got to ring the NASDAQ bell. As an editor, I was mainly animating as per the Art Director's design--but it was on the NASDAQ building! And it was an unusual set of specifications.

This demo compares the animation (left) with the live footage.

Cubist Nasdaq













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